Our current projects

Tour de Plants:  Our Last Chance To Save Endangered Plants in Sharr Mountain

Project is co-financed by Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 79 of 03 May 2018).


  • Sanitation of Public Building “House of Culture” in village Pirok

  • Virtual Community Museum   

Healing Power of Plants

Plants in Material Culture

  • Rural Cultural Festival –  Bread Day

Community events and festivals can make a significant contribution for rural development with strategic planning, well-defined goals, local level partnerships and funding. However rural communities often organize tourism events to inject cash into their economies. This cash is not enough to achieve comprehensive rural economic development. Events assist the tourism businesses of the region but are not enough to revive the entire economy.

Celebrating Heritage Traditions in Macedonian’s Communities 

Environmental Education through the eyes of young people

Our past projects 

  • TV serial “Eco-eye”. Project has been co-financed by Media group 2017
  • Series:
  • The truth about EVN – Macedonia

Fotografia e Besnik Rexhepi

  • Promotion and development of Eco-tourism in Sharr Mountains, Ministry of Economy, 2017
  • Biological diversity of butterflies fauna (Papilionidae: Rophalocera) on Sharr Mountain, 2017.
  • Share ethnobotanical knowledge, A research project funded by Scardus founds, 2016
  • Plants in Albanian Material Culture, Bogovinje Municipality, 2016
  • Sustainable use(s) of medicinal plants in Sharr Mountain, A research project funded by Macedonian Ecological Society, EURONATUR and DBU 2014

  • Sustainable use(s) of wild edible plants in Sharr Mountain, A research project funded by University of Tetova, 2013
  • Plants in Macedonian Material Culture, Tetovo Municipality, 2013
  • Environmental education for the protection of the environment and encouraging sustainable development, Ministry of environment and physical planning, 2013 PDF

  • Project for regulation of river bed of Pena river, Scardus founds, 2006

  • Forests are our source for life, Ministry of environment and physical planning, 2004

Contributions in other projects

Glacial lakes