Our Work

Sustainable Food, Healthy Communities

Food and our food systems touch all aspects of our lives. The food we eat ties us to our culture and heritage, it reflects our personal values and tastes and connects us with family, friends, and community. Food sustains us – it gives us vital energy to live each day and determines how healthy we are. The way food is produced has profound effects on our health and the environments we live in – from the air we breathe to the water we drink, to the soils we rely on to produce food now and for generations to come.

But our current food system favors intensive, often toxic production practices that threaten the health of people and our planet, contributing to hunger, an epidemic of chronic diseases, poverty, severe environmental damage, chemical runoff contaminating our water supply, a climate crisis that threatens our food supply.  As individual consumers, and as employees in institutions, we make decisions each day about the food we buy and the type of food systems and food policies we support. In this, we see opportunity.


Environmental education

We believe that environmental awareness and caring for the natural world should be crucial components of youth education, and we hope to make a difference by improving the environment one child at a time.

Join our Environmental Education team as a Volunteer!

Looking for a rewarding way to share your passion for the environment? The Scardus Center is looking for volunteer Eco-Educators to help present Environmental Education School Programs.

Eco-Education Volunteers will receive:

  • Opportunity to have fun while presenting CNCHS Programs to K-8 students in the Polog region.
  • Ongoing Training – no experience required
  • Continuing Education opportunities for volunteers, including environmental programs, tours, and presentations.
  • Opportunity to work with others that share an interest in sustainability education.

Our organization will be able to expand environmental education in schools with the support of caring and giving people like you. Together we can do big things! For more information, contact Besnik Rexhepi at + 389 72 59 59 11 or email besnik.rexhepi@unite.edu.mk