Joint vision for Sharr Mountain

Fotografia e Besnik Rexhepi Fotografia e Besnik Rexhepi


Version 3 of the Open Standards now in Albanian PDF

After 32 in the same place the second soil erosion in village Pirok

05-07 March 2018

On March 5, 2018 parts of the village Pirok were flooded. The water and mud were observed to come mostly from a hill above the village. But what had caused this event? Here are the facts: There had been prolonged rainfall with intense bursts, especially on the evening of March 5.

From now on Center for Cultural and Natural Heritage “Scardus” as a part of an association known as Local Action Group (LAG) Polog – Vrapçishte will be able to improve the economic outlook of community. Center for Cultural and Natural Heritage “Scardus” President Besnik Rexhepi has been elected from the council as a head of the Board of Directors.

The project for transformation and renovation of the “House of Culture” in village Pirok just started.

The establishment of Laboratory for Cultural Material Conservation

CCNHS has established a new programs for conservation treatments and restoration of all types of materials: paintings; work on paper; photographs; books; frames; organic and inorganic materials.